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Cambridge: 24 Hour Proper Emergency Boiler Repair, Servicing & Installation Engineers in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire. Competent Plumbers & Proper Electricians.

If you’re looking for a Gas Safe emergency boiler repair engineer in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire who can fix your boiler if it keeps cutting out or any other problem related to your boiler call us occurs, then call us now.
An electrician needed? We can help if you own or rent a property in Cambridge and if you are looking for a 24 hour emergency electrician in Cambridge, who can take care of you when a consumer unit has caught fire or any other electrical related problem happens.
Or you might need a 24 hr emergency plumber in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire who covers the entire CB postcode and East midlands for you, when a water leak happens or any other problem needs to be resolved quickly.
If you have an emergency and need someone now in Cambridge, call us today for a local boiler repair engineer, electrician or plumber based in the Cambridge area.

We don’t just cover Cambridge, Cambridgeshire and the CB postcode

We don’t just have boiler repair engineers, plumbers and electricians in Cambridge, we cover ELY and NEWMARKET as well. We also cover villages, towns and cities in Suffolk, Essex, the IP postcode and SG postcode.
As Cambridge is in the East midlands, we stretch as far as cover the entire West Midlands and North East.
Call us now if you have a problem in Cambridge or ELY, NEWMARKET or IP postcode, SG postcode or even the West Midlands region and North East region.

Cambridge boiler repair, servicing and installation in Cambridge Also.

Boiler repairs in Cambridge

We can repair majority of boiler systems such as Thorn EMI Heating model – Thorn Harcal Havana id:, Thorn EMI Heating model – Harcal 260 id:, Glow-worm model – Majorca 240/6 id:3731402, Glow-worm model – Majorca 340/6auto id:3731404 and many more. You can depend on our 24 hour emergency service in Cambridge and did you know “8/10 customers in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire who ring before 1pm, will have an engineer to them the same day”.
We repair and replace parts such as Safety Thermostat, Pressure Relief Valve, Pressure Vessel, Mobules and many other parts.
Call us now if you have an emergency in Cambridge and we will do our best to help you.

Boiler servicing in Cambridge

Also we carry out servicing on many types of boiler systems such as Potterton International Heating model – FRS 38 id:41 595 88, Baxi Heating model – Bermuda lfe3 id:3707712, Baxi Heating model – Bermuda w id:3207709, Baxi Heating model – Bermuda w2 id:3707704 and many more. Our servicing of boilers would include servicing parts such as Ignition Control, Flame Sensing Electrode, Thermistor, Temp Release Valve and many other parts.
By maintaining and servicing part such as Venturi, Divertor Valve Motor on your boiler; you can reduce the chances of a boiler breakdown and having to look for a boiler repair engineer in Cambridge or ELY or NEWMARKET.
Call us today to book in a boiler service.

Boiler installations in Cambridge

Need a boiler installed in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire? Or anywhere in Suffolk or Essex area? You’ve come to the right place.
We can install all types of boilers, such as Baxi Heating model – Boston 40rs id:4107766, Baxi Heating model – Solo 50/4rs id:4107749, Baxi Heating model – Solo 2 50 pf id:4107773, Baxi Heating model – Solowm 70/4pf id:4107745, Baxi Heating model – Wm 381rs id:4107705 and many more boilers.
Our Cambridge boiler engineer can advise you of the best type of boiler which would suite your installation.
Call us now for a quotation and advice.

Cambridge Engineer safety tip:
Have a gas safety check carried out on your property each year, landlord do this to ensure the safety of tenents but hardly any household do which is a major safety issue.

Cambridge electricians and electrical contractors in Cambridge.

Emergency electricians in Cambridge

We can help you if you have an emergency in Cambridge, ELY or NEWMARKET. In fact we can help if you live anywhere in the Cambridgeshire, Suffolk or Essex area.
Our Cambridge electricians are Proper and Competent for when you have a problem such as a metal light switch or socket keeps giving you an electric shock or a fuse box has been damaged or any other type of electrical problem just call us to have it fixed.
Our Cambridge electricians are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Simply call us now and we will get you a local Cambridge electrician fast.

Cambridge electrical contractors for installs & maintenance

Need a IP 65 rated socket, bathroom IP light, switched fused spur installed in your property in Cambridge? Or maybe a Protek MCB or Merlin DB board replaced due to damages. We can install or replace electrical accessories such as fused spur, switched fused spur and many other accessories for you in Cambridge fast. All our product and workmanship is to British Standards (BS7671) and we are NIC EIC approved.
We carry out all types of electrical installation work inside domestic and commercial properties in Cambridge and Cambridgeshire. Simply call us now to arrange for a local Cambridge electrician.

Cambridge Engineer money saving tip:
Claim your benefits and tax credits! Lots of people don't know what they can claim simply , so google and find out.

Cambridge plumbers for all your local Cambridge plumbing needs

24 Hours Cambridge plumber in an emergency

If you have an emergency in Cambridge, our Cambridge plumbers can help. They are Proper and Competent for when you have a problem like a water pump failure or a isolation valve failure or any other type of plumbing related problem.
Our plumbers in Cambridge are available 24/7, 365 days a year. Simply call us now and we will get you a plumber local to you in Cambridge fast if you have a water pump failure or a isolation valve failure or any other problem.

Cambridge plumber can install & carry out maintenance as well

Do you need a outdoor tap, water pump or any plumbing accessories installed in Cambridge? Or a plumber to do a removal of a radiator? Then call us now to arrange for a Proper plumber fast.
Our Proper Cambridge plumbers are Competent and can help you with your plumbing.

Cambridge and national testimonials:
"Very helpful company, they helped more then the other companies I tried. They were very quick in getting an engineer to me when I had an emergency in the evening, their engineer was polite and very helpful".

Remember We do many other services in Cambridge

Oil Engineers

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